Danielle Sahlin
Scott was great. He went by the property before his inspection time and was able to identify possible terminate damage. Because of that attention to detail, I had a terminate inspection done at the same time and was able to include treatment in my offer. Scott arrived early and spent a good amount of time walking me through all the concerns with the property. Because I was purchasing it from out of tow,n it was very helpful to have Scott available to reinspect twice. He saved me a couple trips up from Phoenix. His report was easy to read and the photos were helpful.

Scott's knowledge, work ethic, and customer service exceeded my expectations.

W Dan Broome
If you are an out of state home buyer for a property in Flagstaff and the surrounding communities and need a through home inspection done promptly with a inspection report that is easy to read with very specific information telling you all you need to know on the condition of the property, eg, possible code violations, broken equipment, electrical hazards, insulation concerns etc. Given the depth of his Inspection Report I found his fee very reasonable.

I recommend him highly particularly to out of town home buyers.

Caleb Lummer
Scott is amazing! He was the home inspector when I sold my house and then I immediately called him right back when I was purchasing my new home. He's incredibly detail oriented. The stuff he'd found blew me away. Super professional and his communication is top notch. I'll be referring him on an ongoing basis to anyone I know looking to purchase a home. Cheers Scott!

Eric Burns
Scott did a great job inspecting the property that we are considering. He pointed out even small details that we would have never have thought to consider. Very professional and highly recommended!

Mike James
I was referred from realtor friend who lives in Flagstaff to Aspen Home Inspections. Talked to Scott over the phone and told him my situation. I basically live in Alaska and needed a home inspection done for a home sale. He was able to handle everything for me without me talking another trip down to Arizona. Great service he was knowlegable and my home sold with minor repairs needed. I would defenitly recommend Scott with Aspen Homes to anyone.

Thanks again!!!!

Heather Lins
A great, friendly, responsive company. Clear, detailed report and everything was done in a timely manner, for a decent price-even slightly less expensive than other companies aorund town. I would definately recommend Aspen Home Inspections.

Tom H
I recently used Scott for an inspection of bank owned home. It was forclosed on, and sat vacant for a year. As anyone should be, I was weary of issues with the house considering it's history. I called Scott for the home inspection. He was able to schedule it quickly, complete the inspection within 2 days of calling and had the inspection report to me by that weekend. I consider my construction knowledge to be above avarage, I am thankful I had Scott there for the inspection. He was able to see numerous problems and areas of concern I had walked right by. I was lucky enough to be present during the inpection and had the opportunity to ask Scott specific questions on issues he found. He was very knowledgable on all aspects of building construction, maintenace and repair. Once I read over the report I had a few questions on some of the items in regards to ways of repairing. A quick phone call and conversation with Scott answered all of my questions.

Would highly recommend. He goes above and beyond the normal duties of a home inspector.